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Stop being bored

1.) You need to just step out and have some fun.

Top Place on google earth

2.) You should see some funny action ninja cartoon. Click on the link and enyoj it.
[seriosuly, It's awesome.]

3.)  or if you are really in trouble. You should choose this one...
The genie that reads your mind...
actually,  I had been playing with this for over a day . :DD

and have nice day all of u guys!

"HISTORY" Bing vs Google - Microsoft tried to compete with Google search engine y developing Bing - Funny result:

Today  (20.  07.  2009.), I have made a check on bing,
and now he has the correct result.
So this post just become... HISTORY :)

Super funny testing of bing :D
"I wanted to add my site to I made a search for how to add url to and how to add url to bing but I didn't find any relavant result .. check the image below .."

Bing Search:

Look the resoults! ( ironic )

Look the resoults! ( ironic )

So I tried Google:

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="And look what google can do for you :D"]And look what google can do for you :D[/caption]

If you dont belive it see it for your self! Look with your own eyes! :D
( Date: 2009. 06. 19. )