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hey baby, whats up? > funny chat

<Jeedo> hey baby, whats up?
<Indidge> umm....nothing?
<Jeedo> So....want me to like come over today so we can fuck?
<Indidge> Wait....did you want to speak to my daughter?
<Jeedo> Yes  Mrs.Miller.. :-/

Poland does not exist. Windows Date and time options.

<|HashBot|> Geography: Name a country which has the same name as a bird?
<|HashBot|> Here's a hint: t**k*y
<|HashBot|> The answer was turkey. Try and get the next one...

snow tomorrow. yay.
No snow in the hill country of Texas....where are you expecting your snow, sonic?
no snow in houston either
only about 4 more inches
we have 4 feet here in Idaho
is that due to inbreeding slim?

what country is exe

binary islands

Ice ice and snow snow baby





god damn its snowing outside..
no it's not
soo.. all this white stuff I got all over me is?
crap.. shouldn't have said that..

SilverJstr: I dreamt it snowed last night
SilverJstr: like, 20 inches
SilverJstr: I woke with a scream
ThanatoChaos: Canadian nightmares.

Drink cooler, the good old times


never drinking again
went out yesterday for a few lunch time beers in the city right
those 'few' turned into lots
woke up at 9am the next day in a park down by the beach which is 30 kilometres away from the city... no phone, no wallet, no memory, blood all over myself with no obvious wounds
the weirdest thing was that in my hands there was this little statue of a hindu god with a massive grin on its face

Drink cooler, the good old times

Do you know what Rodeo Sex is?

Sherri: Do you know what Rodeo Sex is?
Jason: No.
Sherri: It's when you mount your woman from behind, start going nice and slowly, take her hair and pull her head back slightly and whisper in her ear "Your sister was better than you...", and try to hold on for 8 seconds.

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